About Us

The Daily Chess, founded by Grand Master Angel Arribas Lopez in 2021, aims to provide frequent activities and high-quality resources for every chess enthusiast who wishes to increase their knowledge of the game within a fun and healthy environment. Being a family-owned business, your goals become our goals, and we take pride in personally helping you achieve them.

The Daily Chess offers a variety of services – some of which are described below:

  • Courses: These are created to allow you to learn at your own pace, without a fixed schedule. They provide you with specific knowledge in different areas of the game such as, for instance, rook endings.
  • Lessons: These are specifically tailored to you or your group. While they are interactive and probably the quickest way to step up your game, they are also the most costly.
  • Camps: These are seasonal and topic-based. They are interactive and typically include some special activities such as a simul with the instructor or a tournament between the campers, among others.
  • E-books: These are put together with the most serious players in mind. They usually involve deeper analysis and are time consuming and harder to follow along.
  • Tournaments: These are for you to practice. You will be able to face other members of The Daily Chess community and analyzing your games afterwards will help you get better.

The Daily Chess is committed to promoting respect and honesty as the two core values that will help any chess enthusiast become successful inside and outside the chess world. Any acts of despising or cheating will not be tolerated within our community.